Education is a key mandate of the Institute.  The Alberta Transplant Institute aims to be internationally recognized as a place where young scientists, clinicians, and surgeons can come to train in all areas of transplantation care and research.  

We have strong educators in our transplant program and a rich history of clinical and research training upon which to build even further.


Here is a snapshot of educational activities:

  1. The weekly ATI seminar series:  These are high-quality research and clinical rounds with local and international speakers held Wednesdays from noon - 1:00pm in Classroom D WMC. (Sept - June)

  2. The ATI Fellows lecture series:  These lectures highlight common themes in transplantation and are a key aspect for training fellows in the program. Lectures are held on Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30pm in Classroom B WMC (Sept - June). For more information contact Caitlyn Killips.

  3. Clinical fellowships: In conjunction with AHS, the Institute offers a number of clinical training fellowship in both surgical and medical specialities in all areas related to Transplantation

  4. Research fellowships:  The institute periodically offers research fellowship funding to trainees whose supervisors are members.

For more information about Clinical and Research Fellowships contact:

Liver - Surgical          Dr. Norman Kneteman

Liver -Medical            Dr. Vince Bain

Kidney - Surgical        Dr. Ronald Moore

Kidney - Medical Dr. Sita Gourishankar

Lung                         Dr. Dale Lien

Heart - Peds              Dr. Simon Urschel

Heart - Medical           Dr. Daniel Kim

Heart - Surgical          Dr. John Mullen 

ID                             Dr. Karen Doucette